Refined Elegance

The elegance within the castle allows us to experience the beauty of the design and the importance of it. A well-refined space is the start of your inspiration for work.


Linear Aesthetics

When the old world meets new


Cultivating a Home with Heart



The Start of Beauty

The experience of beauty from classical design make people crave for perfection from within


Fashion Statement

I was determined to find the right way to keep the beauty clinic eclectic and make it feel fashionable by having tiny discoveries in each corner


Elegant Retreat

This is a classic interior design, yet the use of colors, pieces of furniture, and decorations bring out the conventional feelings of the space.
The gold accent gives warmth and richness, creating an inviting feel to space.

Although this is a classic design, the decorations like the chandelier and the lamps make the space feel elegant yet relaxed at the same time.